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Job Seeker Interview Tips You Need to Know

If you are in the market for a new job, it is important you know how to prepare for and what to do doing any interviews you may procure. While writing your resume may have seemed like the most daunting task, it is often just the first step in your job hunt and, in reality, is only used to get your foot in the door. Once you do that, your goal becomes selling yourself to a point where you receive one or more job offers.

Although people have different ideas on what actions they need to take to prepare for a job interview, here are some job seeker interview tips you need to know:

Do Your Research and Prep Work Ahead of Time

It is always best to know before you go. Research your potential employer. Find out what the business is all about. Understand how the position you are applying for fits in to the overall company goals and objectives. Learn a little about the individual who will be conducting your interview. These actions will help you familiarize yourself and enable you to answer interview questions more intelligently.

You should also take some time and figure out how you would answer some of the more common interview questions. You don’t have to memorize your answers, but simply formulate what you may want to say ahead of time if you are asked to:

  • “Tell me about yourself.” aka give a succinct overview of you as a professional
  • Explain what interests you most about the position
  • Talk about why you left or are planning to leave your last job
  • Explain why you would be the best candidate for the position
  • Tell the interviewer what you know about the company
  • Give examples of times you used the particular skills required of the job (e.g. problem solving, handling patient issues, dealing with customer complaints, overcoming work-related obstacles, etc.)
  • Express your career goals (be sure to include how the position fits into your goals)
  • Give the interviewer your desired salary range

Doing your research and prep work ahead of time will help you be more at ease and minimize your chances of getting thrown off guard during your interview.

Be Sure to Dress for Success

You always want to be sure to dress for success regardless of where you are interviewing. Professionalism is a quality most employers look for in potential employees and what you wear has a significant impact on how you are perceived. Those who dress professional and carry themselves well are generally taken as more serious applicants than those who don’t bother taking the time.

Arrive to Your Scheduled Interview on Time

Arriving late to a job interview is never a good idea. In fact, you’ll probably want to arrive at least 10-15 minutes ahead of time to check in, complete any additional paperwork and get yourself settled. Allow for traffic and unexpected delays on the way to your interview. As long as you factor these in, you’ll be on time and ready to go. It is also wise to go to the restroom, check your hair, makeup and clothes, use a breath mint as needed, and turn off your cell phone before you head into your interview. Just make sure you do each of these without making your interviewer wait.

Make a Great First Impression

People tend to make judgements quite quickly and trying to change a person’s impression of you later on is much more difficult than going the extra mile the first time around. This is why most people are well aware of the importance of making a good first impression with the individual doing their job interview. Unfortunately, what they often forget is all of the other people they meet along the way. Be friendly to each person you encounter. Say hello. Smile. Make eye contact. How you come across in those first few moments can mean the difference between you being given an offer and you not even being considered.

Do Your Best to Avoid Bad Habits

It is not uncommon for people to develop certain bad habits over time. In many cases, we may not even be aware of these habits or how they come across. Making a conscious effort to avoid habits like slouching down in your chair, mumbling, tapping your nails, playing with your hair, biting on a pen, crossing your arms in front of your chest or daydreaming. Focus on:

  • Sitting up straight
  • Maintaining eye contact
  • Smiling
  • Staying attentive
  • Nodding
  • Speaking clearly
  • Expressing interest
  • Making natural gestures

You want to come across naturally, comfortable and professional. Don’t let your bad habits ruin what could be a potentially great career move.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Asking questions during a job interviews is often taken as a sign as to whether or not an individual is interested in the position. It is for this reason most interviewers want the people they are interviewing to ask questions about the job, the company, the role they will play, how job performance will be measured, expectations and what the future of the organization may hold.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

When doing a job interview, you cannot assume your resume will do all the talking and the individual most qualified for the job (which you hope is you) will receive an offer. When you go in for a job interview, it is up to you to sell yourself. Highlight your best qualities and qualifications, and make sure your interviewer knows why you’d be the best fit. Don’t sell yourself short. If you’ve got the skills for the job and you want the job, it is up to you to make the sale by getting the job offer.

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