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Dramatically Improve Your Hiring Process with These Four Steps

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Hiring is not an exact science. In fact, the hiring process can vary quite a bit from industry to industry, company to company and job to job. Fortunately, regardless of the industry you are in, we have found four key steps you can take to dramatically improve your hiring process. ... By employing these actions, you'll have a much better chance of getting those open positions filled with qualified staff and doing so quickly.

Clearly Define Your Open Position

The first step you'll need to take is to clearly define your open position(s). This may seem like a simple step, but it is often overlooked and done so to a company's detriment.

A failure to do this step fully can often result in indecisiveness in hiring and a prolonged hiring process. Hiring managers and executives who neglect or rush this step could end up with applicants who don't really meet their hiring criteria or, worse yet, employees who don't aid in the company's day to day production as well as its expansion. 

So, not only will you need to write a thorough and detailed job description to attract the ideal candidate, but you'll also need to figure out exactly what type of individual you want to hire. What degrees will the person be required to have? What additional skills? What experience? What duties/functions will the employee have under his or her purview? How much can you afford to pay? What benefits can you provide? Are you offering continuing education, a sign-on bonus or relocation costs?

Each of these is something which must be considered before writing your job descriptions and putting your open position on the market. Only when you make it very clear what the position entails will you be able to find job seekers who match your needs.

Improve Your Interview Process

How you conduct an employment interview can be a determining factor in whether a potential candidate decides to go with your company or continues to pursue other options. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for hiring managers or executives to be pressed for time or get easily distracted during a job interview. When this happens, the likelihood they will miss red flags or make a candidate feel insignificant is high.

By carving out a section of your day, taking steps to make sure you won't be disrupted, and giving your full attention to the job applicant you're interviewing, the more productive and effective your interview will be. You'll be able to not only tell them about the work environment, company goals, expectations, etc., but you'll also have an opportunity to find out what's important to them. What are they looking for and what interested them about the job with your company? 

If you do a job interview right, you should be able to come away from the interview knowing exactly what the job applicant needs and wants, as well as whether you think they'll be a good fit. Then, once you determine that, you can either send the person an offer or move on.

Move Rapidly and Efficiently from Beginning to End

The hiring process doesn't need to be a long, drawn out procedure. In fact, a rapid, efficient and fully streamlined process bodes extremely well for a company. When a job applicant can come in, do a job interview, receive an offer and get hired in a short period of time, it means the hiring manager and/or executives have done each of the aforementioned steps. They've clearly defined the available position and know what type of individual they want, and they've also improved the interview process.

When an employer doesn't get all of his or her questions answered during the job interview, there are two many steps required before an individual can be sent an offer, or you have a long delay between the initial interview and the hiring, it actually turns people away.

Over the years, we've worked with companies who have so much red tape that hiring someone is an extensive process and we've worked with those who wrap up a job interview and immediately know whether they are going to extend an offer. Then they do so. They don't hem and haw. They don't try to string an applicant along while searching to get additional applicants. If they think the person is a match, they give the person an offer and hire them. If they don't, they move on.

How you conduct job interviews is a tell-tale sign of how you conduct your day-to-day operations and good indication of what the potential employee can expect if he or she joins your company. Therefore, you'll want to move rapidly and efficiently from beginning to end.

Make an Offer Your Potential Hire Will Accept

While you might read this and say to yourself, "Of course, why would I make an offer I didn't think the job applicant wouldn't accept?", you'd probably be surprised at how many hiring managers and executives don't really know what the job applicant they just interviewed needs or expects.

What salary range are they willing to accept? What benefits are most important to them? Is one aspect of the offer going to be more important than others? For example, let's say your company can only afford the low end of the job applicant's salary range, can you offer other benefits or make certain accommodations which would get them to sign with you instead of with another employer? Are they expecting mentoring or continued education? What is the make or break point you must include in the offer for the potential hire to accept?

When you do each of these steps, you'll have a much greater chance of not only getting more qualified applicants for your available position(s), but also in being able to find and hire the ideal candidate you seek.

For more than 24 years, The People Link has been dedicated to helping companies achieve their hiring objectives. Our focus is finding qualified healthcare applicants to fill open positions in both the Dental and Allied Healthcare industries, to the benefit of all. We have an extremely high success rate and look forward to doing what we can to help get your positions filled.

To inquire about how we can help you with your hiring needs, visit The People Link online or call Mya directly at 818-890-9998.

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